Romantic love story starts with… Beer.

Romantic starts with...

We never thought about falling in love with these blue tiny guys but guess beer is making everything possible.


Hi. We are wontons, from the very mysterious  East, China. It takes complicated procedures to make us, it’s about careful blend, it’s about longlasting patience,and it’s about perfect match for every single ingredient. With all saying above, we never expect ourselves to be easy to figure out, or approachable.

However, one day  this person, the owner of the blog, she’s so lame that she even forgot to bring her ID when she went to get a bottle of cooking wine. Can you actually believe an adult did this? So we were like, “we can’t do this without wine,you know?The meat stuffing would taste awful!Get yourself some wine! ”

So then, this person came out of the door and went to 7-11, this time, with her ID, she brought back a can, of beer. Alright. Whatever you want to do dear.

So the process began. Cut the vegetables and scallop meat, mix the stuffings…so the very last step before finishing the stuffing-add cooking wine. Well, this time it changed to, add some BEER.

process of wonton


So we got ourselves wrapped up in wonton wraps, took a hot bath in the boiling water, and got ready to be served. Don’t tell us the truth that we are being served to someone who just added beer in our body.

So we were being put on a plate, and strangely, we were feeling so lonely. It felt like we were so used to everything familiar, we even became fed up with it, and we were dying for something new. Cute, sexy, dull, whatever, something NEW. So even weirder, we started to think about some random blue guys we met in the refrigerator!

This is CRAZY. Trust us, we would use creepy to describe it better.

However, there we were. We were in love with these blue tiny guys, and when the camera focused on us, we were whispering about our honeymoon. So we guess romantic story does start with beer. Well, decide for yourself.




Romantic love story starts with… Beer.

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