Interview about creative process

This is a class assignment, we need to do a 2 min interview with a creative person about their creative process. So I did the interview with my college friend, she always has that passion for drawing and never give it up even she is a business major(because of the large cost, uncertain future and pressure of finding a job to attend an art school, she chose to be a business major in college.That’s how I know her, we were in the same major.)

Because the video is in Chinese and the background noise basically covers our voices, I’ll just put up a picture when I was interviewing her.


below is the content of our interview:

Q: What does your inspiration mostly come from?

A: My inspirations mostly come from life. Sometimes before I sleep I will think about things and thoughts just strikes me. And when I see scenes arouse my feelings I will also remember that.

Q: So in what kind of situations do you usually see these scenes that strike you?is that when you are traveling?

A: On my way to work, the scenery is beautiful. There is a river on my way to work, and when I see a man watering the flowers, a woman dancing, actually there are many stories on the road, they can all become my inspirations. And I will draw  or write them down in case I forget later.

Q: Besides that, where would you find your inspirations?

A: I guess by reading. By reading books, and by looking at other people’s work(drawing).

Q: Have you ever met a situation that you just run out of all your inspirations?

A: Sure, a lot of times. (any example?) It’s hard to give an example. Usually I draw when I have inspirations. I think for me the difficulties are mostly like while I was drawing, I suddenly realize that I can’t express what I want to say in the first place. I had this kind of situation a lot.

Q: Is it because of the time lag between the moment you got your inspiration and the moment you draw? How do you find those feelings back?

A: Yes, that’s the reason. Well, when the feeling is gone, it’s gone. I can do nothing about that. I will try to think about it hard to see if I can remember it, or I can only discard it. Sometimes when it has a deep impression on me i can find it back pretty easy.

Q: When you draw, would you feel the time pass quickly?

A: Oh yes, the time passes so quick that I couldn’t even feel it. I am very fulfilled and feeling enriched when I am drawing. Many days will just pass like you blink your eyes. Many times when I was at home by myself, I would keep on drawing and eating was just a way of giving me energy to continue drawing.

Q: What kind of drawing do you do right now?

A: Mostly inbetweening, and my works are more Japanese style. Actually I am working on practicing different styles right now instead of limiting myself in a certain style. Because I am not from an artschool, so I need more time to learn the basic stuff. And the fact that I can’t learn it systematically, I can only explore myself.

Q:  You mentioned the fact that you have never been to an arts school. Do you think those people who graduate from arts school have more inspirations?

A: I can’t say that so absolutely. I guess it varies from person to person. But if you have a group of people who encourage each other and grow together, it would be of great help. However I think the environmental factors are just one thing. I think the decisive factor is you must like something deeply yourself.

Q: Do you draw for your work?

A: No, drawing is my interest. I am a content editor right now, so I don’t really draw for my work. I think sometimes it’s hard to find what you want exactly, but you can always work the other way around. Like right now although I am doing a different thing, I can still learn from that experience and express what I learn in other kinds of jobs in my drawing. I don’t have to be a painter to paint, and I haven’t reached that level of ability of a professional painter anyway.

Here are some of her works, the first one is her earliest work, and the last one is her latest work.




Like I said, being a business major in college, she never get a chance to go to art school, but she never give up drawing and never stop learning by herself. From her work, you could see her progress. Her name is TomB(this is the name she uses in all her work).

Always proud of her.

Interview about creative process

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