Reactions about women self-esteem campaign videos

Women’s body image and self-esteem has always been a hot issue and advertising exerts significant power on this issue. However, the advertising world is changing and coming up with several powerful campaigns. I am fascinated by these campaigns and eager to find out about people’s reactions towards these campaigns, do they really work on changing our perceptions, and do they really boost confidence in women.

Therefore, I made a survey on reactions about women self-esteem campaign videos, including Dove’s real beauty campaign, Pantene’s shine strong campaign and a popular video featuring little girl curses.

The results are quite interesting. Just taking Dove’s real beauty campaign as an example. 21 out of 40(52.50%) of testees said Dove’s videos had changed or extended their views of beauty, while11 out of 29(37.93%) of the female testees said they feel more confident about their body and appearance after viewing the videos.

In the survey, I also ask individuals to describe what does a beautiful women look like to see their ideas about women’s beauty, which generates a result that is also interesting to look at. Because it’s a small sample, I will look more on individual points of views rather than draw to a quantitative conclusion. I will look more at how views vary from gender and age. After analyzing the results I will post them on the blog, during this period of time, as much as opinions are welcomed!

A link to the survey

Reactions about women self-esteem campaign videos

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